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HTC One X getting a hefty price drop with AT&T

Get the HTC One X for half the price soon with AT&T
Get the HTC One X for half the price soon with AT&T

Smartphone buyers looking to snag HTC's One X may want to wait a few more days, with reports of an imminent price drop with AT&T.

The quad-core Android smartphone will see its price cut in half, from $199.99 down to $99.99 with a two-year contract through the carrier.

The deal first surfaced online from a user on the XDA Developer forums claiming to work as an AT&T sales representative.

TechRadar contacted AT&T and confirmed that handsets will receive a price reduction starting July 29 as part of the carrier's back to school sales.

Saved by the bell

The new price should help secure the HTC One X against the rival Samsung Galaxy S3. And while a similar discount hasn't been announced for the Galaxy S3, the original XDA Developer forum post also mentioned a red version that will be available for special order on the same date.

We were quite pleased with the One X in our review, rating it 4.5 stars.

Even if the One X isn't your goal, with back to school sales looming it may be wise to wait and see what other handsets get deep discounts as the month draws to a close.