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HTC Desire 200 comes in diminuitive size with ageing specs

HTC Desire 200 comes in diminuitive size with ageing specs
HTC Desire 200 - 200 times as good as the Desire

The original HTC Desire is one of an exclusive coterie of phones that have achieved the highest honour a phone can enjoy: a five star TechRadar review.

We don't think the HTC Desire 200 will quite manage to reach the same heady heights as its forefather, but for a budget phone, its specs are not too shabby.

We're looking at a 1GHz Snapdragon S1 processor with 512MB of DDR1 and 4GB of onboard storage (expandable with microSD).

Audio smarts

HTC is pushing the handset's audio smarts, boasting Beats Audio and bundling "our highest quality in-ear headset" with the handset.

The HTC Desire 200 also comes with a 5MP camera which HTC says is super intuitive to use, and runs HTC Sense over Android (although HTC hasn't deigned to tell us which iteration).

Wonderfully, HTC has provided an illustration of the handset's size, pegging it at 'a bit bigger than a credit card':

HTC Desire 200

No word yet from HTC on availability or pricing - but for something this small and with these level of specs, we're thinking HTC should channel Flo-rida and go low low low low low low low.

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