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How to share the Orange and T-Mobile signal

How to share the Orange and T-Mobile signal
Orange and T-Mobile roaming is easy - here's how

In September, we reported that Orange and T-Mobile were offering roaming across their networks, so T-Mobile users would be able to call and text on the Orange network, and Orange users could do the same on the T-Mobile network.

T-Mobile explains that when you roam onto an Orange network, you will get access to the 2G network - mostly used for voice and texting, although it adds that you may some "basic, slow internet and data services."

Orange says in its FAQ that Orange users roaming onto T-Mobile will only get calls and texts, but that it is planning to include 3G roaming in 2011.

Sharing the Orange / T-Mobile signal is easy but you need to enable it.

The links to Orange and T-Mobile below will get you set up:

For T-Mobile customers: Enable Orange roaming

For Orange customers: Enable T-Mobile roaming