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Here's what Microsoft's CEO has on his iPhone home screen


Microsoft's Satya Nadella has just given us a look at what he has on the home screen of his iPhone - yes, he owns one of Apple's handsets - although he insists that this 'iPhone Pro' is not his everyday phone.

Joking that he calls it an 'iPhone Pro' because all of the Microsoft apps are on the main page, Nadella - speaking at the Microsoft Future Decoded conference in London - gave us a look at the apps he's playing with.


Nadella certainly can't be accused of being off-brand - with Bing Outlook and OneNote taking up three of the main placements, and all other icons a veritable showcase of Microsoft's apps.

He's also a fan of Snap Attack, one of Microsoft Studios' games. Or perhaps it's just a ruse to stop anyone swiping across and discovering Satya's terrible addiction to Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

Nadella insisted that the Microsoft Lumia he showed later was his 'everyday' phone - and we're not going to doubt him, but either someone's gone to a lot of trouble to set up his Apple product for this display or Nadella is doing exactly what he should be doing and making sure he samples the competition's offering.

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