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Everything you need to know about iOS 8

iOS 8 vid
iPhone, iPad and Mac brought together in perfect harmony

iOS 8 has arrived in a flurry of excitement at WWDC 2014, bringing changes both small and large to Apple's mobile OS.

"Continuity" is the name of the game this time round, bringing a more connected experience across Apple devices and building on the more intuitive user experience introduced by iOS 7.

One of the more eagerly awaited features we expected was Healthbook, but it was a no-show. Instead we were shown Healthkit and the Health app, the latter of which gathers activity data from wearables, including, presumably, the yet-to-be-revealed iWatch.

We've condensed everything you need to know about iOS 8 into one easy-to-digest video, located below. Click on it to find out what Apple's bringing to the table with its latest mobile operating system.