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HTC has benefited hugely from the success of the One

HTC has benefited hugely from the success of the One
The hero HTC needs

HTC's monthly sales report has shown signs of promise, with an increase in profits following a difficult few months.

The manufacturer's sales report for May shows a 48 per cent increase in sales from April, and almost 100 per cent from March.

This will be wecome news to HTC after previously posting poor sales figures and suffering a number of high-level executives leaving the company.

It's not all good news, however. Sales are still down 3.35 per cent from May 2012 and it's not clear if these figures will improve, espcially since new deivces are likely to be launched soon by Samsung and Apple.

Is the One an anomaly?

The HTC One is the said to be the reason for the company's improved performance in the last few months, with sales hitting the 5 million mark in its first two months.

Although impressive, HTC only managed to shift half as many units as the Samsung Galaxy S4 did in the same period of time. And, with Samsung announcing a range of new devices at an event in London this month, HTC's sales may be further strained by the increased competition.

Via Unwired Review