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Google's budget Android One phone program may make a comeback

Android One

A new report suggests Google, or rather Alphabet, maybe gearing up to relaunch its Android One program in developing economies.

The low-cost Android One platform was launched last year in India in hopes to bring high-quality but affordable smartphones to emerging markets with the help of different vendors.

It was hoped manufacturers would use the simple and structured Android One platform to create cheap handsets costing about $100, but with only three handset released, it didn't seem like the platform would take off.

But now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims Google will be relaunching Android One with the same budget-friendly price tag, but with more relaxed hardware requirements.

According to the report, Android One partners will now have the chance to choose from a greater variety of suppliers for handset component, such as the ability to choose from 5 different camera suppliers rather than just the one.

Android One is expected to relaunch in "the coming months," according to the report, and it will likely happen again in India through Lava International.