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Google celebrates Google Play's birthday by slashing in-app purchases

Google celebrates Google Play's birthday with in-app purchase discounts
Celebrate with Google

The Google Play store is two years old today and Google is celebrating this fact with discounting the thing that everyone in the world hates - in-app purchases.

From today you can get a multitude of slashed in-app discounts - including a free cat's eye for Bejeweled Blitz, premium Dungeon Keeper for a limited time, and the ability to adopt a toddler in Sim FreePlay. Which isn't that free to play as you spend all of your money on in-app purchases.

There are also some cheap movies if you can pry yourself away from Dungeon Keeper and music, possibly to drown out the screams of "these discounts are rubbish, Google" from disheartened Android users.

Make your day app-ier with these blips.

Marc Chacksfield

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