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Getting spammed on iMessage? Spam Apple about it

Getting spammed on iMessage? Spam Apple about it
Ok, so maybe you won't have quite such a direct line as this

If, like us, you don't look too favourably on rogue iMessages that spam you with discounts and lies, the time has come to stand up and take action.

Apple has set up a direct email line at to which you can send hard screenshot evidence of your spam assault. You'll also need to send the phone number or email address of the perpetrator along with the date and time that the spam flinging took place.

Then the Apple signal with light up the sky and Tim Cook will leap into his iMobile, track down the offender and dole out a big wallop of Apple-flavoured justice.

At least that's what we're choosing to believe.

Via 9to5Mac

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Hugh Langley

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