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Galaxy Nexus back on sale on Google Play Store

Galaxy Nexus back on sale at Google Play store
Google whacks the Galaxy Nexus back on its online store

Prohibition is over! At least for now. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is back on sale on the Google Play Store following the temporary lifting of a US sales ban.

On Saturday we reported that Samsung had been awarded a reprieve by a US Appeals Court, as it sought to overturn a ruling that the flagship Android 4.0 device infringes on Apple's patents.

The verdict may only be temporary, until Apple responds, but that hasn't stopped Google whacking the device back up for sale on its online portal.

The company says the device will be shipped in 1-2 weeks, meaning there's enough time to ensure Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is rolled-out to the devices.


Google had planned to return the device to sale this coming week, with a workaround for the infringing feature on the handset.

Apple reckons the quick search functionality on the device, which allows users to search the device and the web with one touch. A California court agreed.

For the next exciting episode of Patent Wars: Apple vs Samsung tune in soon (probably tomorrow when Apple gets the ban reinstated).

Via: AllThingsD