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Forgot where you parked the car? It's cool, iOS 8 will have you covered

iOS 8
Walk before you can run before you can drive, Apple

Yesterday we told you that iOS 8 might not deliver the improvements to Apple Maps that Cupertino intended, but there's one nifty feature that might make its way through.

As spotted in a screenshot, iOS 8 contains files that reference parking pins, which we assume would give you a reminder of where you parked the car.

It's especially worth noting as the rumour of this feature actually popped up last September, where sources said Apple would use the M7 chip to analyse your parking location and register its exact position, helping you to find it when you return.

Park it, pal

Apple said nothing of this during WWDC, so we can't guarantee that this will come in iOS 8 - perhaps we'll see it in iOS 8.1 instead.

For now, we'd take improved mapping data over extra features such as this, however handy it might be. It won't be much use if Apple Maps is telling us we left the car in the middle of Euboea.

After all, it needs to catch up with Google, which rolled out a similar car-finding feature for Google Now earlier this year.

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