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Cortana for Android leaks on phones you might actually own

Microsoft Cortana for Android
Microsoft Cortana for Android

Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant made the jump to Google's robot-themed Android platform a little early, with an unfinished version of the app leaking today, as of this writing.

The Cortana app for Android, first spotted by Finnish site Suomimobiili, is said to be very much a beta, with unfinished components as part of the APK file.

The core functionality is still here, though. It delivers news, checks the weather, displays sports scores and looks up nearby restaurants with users' verbal commands.

Cortana also allows the hands-free completion of actions like setting alarms and answering questions via Bing, though the "Hey, Cortana" prompt isn't a part of this build, says The Verge.

Here's where to download it if you dare

Google Now may have its biggest hands-free virtual assistant challenger on its hands thanks to this new app. It's sometimes smarter than Siri is going multiplatform.

Cortana is also appearing on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS 9 and Xbox One in the coming months. The app is already a part of Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft Band.

You can download the unofficial APK file to your Android and side-load the app before it's officially released, but it may prove buggy in its unfinished state.

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