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China to send 14 billion SMS texts in a week

The Chinese mobile phone industry is booming

Chinese mobile phone users will send 14 billion text messages during the week the Lunar New Year holiday, which kicks off today. That's according to a statement by Chinese news agency 'Xinhua' . If estimates are correct, the number of text messages sent in China over the holiday period will be the equivalent of two for every human on the planet.

With more than 1.3 billion inhabitants, China holds 20 per cent of the world's population. The number of Chinese citizens who own mobile phones has increased massively in the last year. Chinese phone companies have already upgraded their networks to cope with the inevitable mass-texting during national holidays.

In 2006, the Chinese sent 460 billion text messages - the equivalent of 70 for every single human - raising £7m for the nation's phone companies.

James Rivington

James was part of the TechRadar editorial team for eight years up until 2015 and now works in a senior position for TR's parent company Future.