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Cheap iPhone and iPad mini 2 to ship in August?

Cheap iPhone and iPad mini to start shipments
That red one's looking nice

The much-whispered-about cheap iPhone may be shifting even closer to our fingers courtesy of Pegatron - the Taiwanese supply chain with the name we just can't stop saying.

According to Digitimes, Pegatron has been given orders for the budget iPhone, which will be flashing a plastic chassis and is said to be shipping in August.

Alongside it, we're told, will be the next generation iPad mini. Pegatron will apparently start shipping the components required for the new devices very soon.


So what about the rest? Well, the same report claims that the next generation of iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad will come in early 2014, both of which will be manufactured by trusty Foxconn.

This would mean that Apple wouldn't release a full-sized iPad in 2013, which would be quite a surprise. But stranger things have happened. All we'd say is, take the whole thing with a side-serving of cautious optimism.

We also heard this week that Apple is considering the idea of selling the budget iPhone for $99 (around £63 or AU$103) and, as we'd previously heard, that the handset will be arriving with a selection of up to six colours.

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