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Charge your phone the eco way, save money

Carphone Warehouse's new 'green' mobile phone charger will automatically switch the power supply off once the handset is fully charged

Carphone Warehouse is launching an own-brand 'green' mobile phone charger next month, the first UK retailer to do so.

The as-yet unnamed charger will apparently reduce the energy used when charging up a mobile phone by automatically switching the power usage off when the handset is fully charged. Conventional mobile phone chargers continue to draw energy as long as they're connected to the power socket.

Unplugging chargers could potentially save consumers £60 million a year and cut CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes, enough to heat 54,000 homes for a whole year.

Carphone Warehouse's new 'environmentally responsible' mobile phone charger is compatible with all manufacturers' handsets and will hit shops in October. Pricing hasn't yet been confirmed.