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Massive 3D images on your mobile

Stereoscopic images have been around for many years, the first was produced in the late 19th Century

Fancy seeing the pictures on your mobile phone ten times bigger and in 3D? German start-up company Neochroma may have the solution - a stereoscopic add-on.

Still in the prototype stage, the self-titled Neochroma is a small goggle-like attachment which slots onto the screen of your mobile phone. When you look into the goggles you're presented with a magnified 3D image.

The inventor, ex-Lycos product developer Patrick Amaru , claims the device can also be used to help you find your way around by displaying a map aligned with the user's line of sight. Quite how practical this will be remains to be seen.

Amaru insists his prototype is cheap to build and could be ready for the mass market in two years.

"The competition for output solutions in mobile imaging will heat up over the next few years," says Amaru.

"Our strategy relies on a product that provides excellent image quality, since the picture is shown in a viewer that protects it from stray light. That also ensures perfect privacy."