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Garmin offers off-board maps for BlackBerrys

Blackberry users are now able to access up-to-date Garmin navigation services straight from their handsets. In a statement this morning, the GPS giant said the new Garmin Mobile is ideal for customers who want "a navigation package on their handsets as well as the real-time information abilities and flexibility that an off-board application offers".

Garmin Mobile delivers maps, directions and turn-by-turn directions to BlackBerry devices, and users will also be able to get real-time traffic and weather information at the touch of a button.

Garmin Mobile is the first off-board mobile phone navigation system that visually depicts and constantly updates the user's position on a detailed moving map. Since this is an off-board service, mapping data is stored on Garmin's computers, not on the BlackBerry device itself.

Therefore, customers have the advantage of Garmin's advanced mapping information available directly from the servers. In order to access Garmin's network with the mapping data, the BlackBerry device must have a data plan for network access.

The announcement goes hand-in-hand with today's launch of RIM's new BlackBerry 8800 GPS-enabled handset.

James Rivington

James was part of the TechRadar editorial team for eight years up until 2015 and now works in a senior position for TR's parent company Future.