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BT Fusion adds more choice with pre-pay

The Nokia 6086 will be joining the BT Fusion handset range

A wider choice of BT Fusion mobile and Wi-Fi handsets will be available in September, with 3 new models, plus a new pre-pay BT Fusion deal.

Joining the BT Fusion handset range in the autumn are the BenQ P21, Nokia 6086 and a new Samsung model, BT announced at its Snowed In Christmas product showcase in London. BT is also introducing a pre-pay offering for BT Fusion, allowing users to get cheap calls from their mobile phone via their BT home Wi-Fi hub when they spend £5 or more a month on their mobiles,

The BT Fusion service uses dual-mode mobile handsets that work via Wi-Fi indoors, routing calls over BT Total Broadband, and switch to BT Mobile's mobile phone network when outdoors. Calls made using the Wi-Fi hubs indoors are charged at 4 minutes for the price of 1 minute of regular mobile calls.

BT Fusion phone users can also make calls in of the 2,000 BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK, and be charged at the indoors rate of 4 minutes for the price of 1.