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Broadband internet phones taking off in Asia

Super-fast internet is now available on a range of HSDPA mobile phones.

While the UK struggles with domestic internet connections that are really narrow- rather than broadband, many countries around the world have mobile download speeds that whip them all into a cocked hat. A perfect example is the slew of recently launched HSDPA mobile phones in Korea.

According to this short piece in PC World, Korea leads the world in third-generation HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) phones, with new models released recently by Pantech, LG and Samsung all rated at a whopping 7.2Mbit/s for downloads.

Faster future

The speed bump is a doubling of the previous generation's 3.6Mbit/s, which is itself twice what the first round of HSDPA phones were capable of when they appeared in 2006. As with any internet connection, real-world conditions mean that theoretical maximum speeds are rarely reached, however.

As if that weren't enough - what are we supposed to do with all that bandwidth on our phones anyway? - 14.4Mbit/s is just around the corner for HSDPA, with a new standard called HSOPA lurking in the wings and offering up to 200Mbit/s.