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Bespoke adverts on your mobile

You may soon find your mobile phone packed full of tailored adverts, and video and music picked just for you.

This as a result of a new utility released today that is able to accurately record which of your mobile's many applications you use, and often you use them.

Mobile industry expert M:Metric has unveiled MeterDirect - a tool which brings a reliable method of informing media producers and advertisers of mobile phone users' habits - how often you search the internet or receive a text, for example.

Since surverys and interviews don't always yield accurate results, M:Metric is hoping MeterDirect will be widely adopted by media companies as they attempt to get to grips with the advertising potential of today's multi-functioning mobile phones.

The software recently finished a trial in the US and the UK, during which it collected details like location, demographic, day of the week, time of day and so on - all to piece together an accurate picture of mobile usage.

"In the two years since we launched with our syndicated mobile market measures, the mobile medium has matured considerably," said Will Hodgman, CEO of M:Metrics.

"With MeterDirect, M:Metrics further advances the medium as an essential part of the media mix."