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Apple said to be pushing Samsung out of the iPhone 6 picture

Apple may be budging Samsung out on iPhone 6
iPhone 6 - less Samsung-y

It sounds like Apple will be going some way to phase out Samsung for its A8 chips next year, which we'd expect to show up in the iPhone 6 and iPad 6.

According to The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will produce 30% to 40% of Apple's A8 processors next year, a decent chunk less than it has done in the past.

This follows Apple signing an agreement with Taiwanese semiconductor company TSMC to create processors for its iOS devices starting in 2014.

Lion's share

It seems Apple hoped that TSMC would take the whole processor pie, but tipsters claim this was going to prove too demanding right now.

We've had no comment from either party so don't take this as gospel for now, but given the ever-rising rivalry between Apple and Samsung, the gradual breakaway isn't exactly illogical.

If there's any truth to this, it sounds like Apple and Samsung may be signing that divorce settlement in the not-too-distant future.

Via The Verge

Hugh Langley

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