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Apple's WWDC will kick off on June 2, hopefully with iOS 8 in tow

Apple WWDC will kick off on June 2, hopefully with iOS 8 in tow
All looks very iOS 7, eh?

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (that's WWDC to most of you) will kick off on June 2 in San Francisco.

As you probably know already, the annual event is a pretty big deal: Apple tends to showcase its new software and hardware for developers so we're guaranteed to get a sneak peek on what's on the horizon.

This year we're expecting to see the big reveal of iOS 8 and hopefully hear much more about that rumoured Healthbook app that's apparently leaked out already.

Can you smell what Tim's Cooking?

Last year was a big one. We saw iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, iTunes Radio all unveiled, as well as the new Mac Pro and Apple's updated MacBook Air.

Developers can go apply for tickets for the event on the WWDC website starting now. Deadline is April 7 at 10am PDT.

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