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Apple's next 4-inch iPhone could have a new name

iPhone SE

While we wait for the iPhone 7, Apple is said to be re-introducing the world to a 4-inch iPhone at its March event. But, it won't be named the iPhone 6C, nor will it be called the iPhone 5SE. The latest rumor drops a number altogether and kicks it simple, with the name iPhone SE.

We've been collecting the numerous whispers regarding the successor to the iPhone 5C, which released in 2013. But Apple's next phone could be its first (well, since the very first iPhone) to ditch a numeral and run on letters alone, one of which the iPhone lineup has never used in a name before.

So, what could "SE" mean? My mind snaps to "special edition," but I'm doubtful because that description alone doesn't really speak to the core characteristic of the product. Unless it's another U2 special edition product. I'm kidding, or at least, I hope I am.

Whatever the meaning is behind the new name (if this rumor has truth to it,) we have just a little longer to wait until Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to unveil it.

Via 9to5Mac

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