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Apple looking into iOS 4 3G complaints

iOS 4 - problems for older handsets
iOS 4 - problems for older handsets

Apple has confirmed that it is looking into the swathe of complaints that iOS 4 has adversely affected owners of the iPhone 3G.

A huge amount of complaints that the iPhone 3G has been slower and rife with errors since users upgraded to the latest version of the operating system have not gone unnoticed by Apple.

The company told the Digits section of the Wall Street Journal that there was an investigation ongoing into the problem.

Degraded performance

TechRadar readers responded quickly when we asked them if they had suffered from slow down and problems after upgrading back in June.

The majority of those commenting felt that iOS 4 had degraded their phone's performance, and many expressed the desire to roll back to the previous operating system.

One reader said: "the screen doesn't always respond, apps take an eternity to launch and some are so slow they're unusable.

"It's now quicker to walk somewhere than look it up in Maps, and the iPod app and SMS app take forever to open up. Worst of all, I can't always swipe the screen to answer a call."

The problem has not got the press it perhaps merited because of the furore around the flaw with the new iPhone 4's antenna - in what has now become termed 'antennagate'.

From WSJ

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