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Apple iPhone 4 now available from T-Mobile and Three

iPhone 4 - T-Mobile and Three now on board
iPhone 4 - T-Mobile and Three now on board

T-Mobile and Three have finally started offering the iPhone 4, with a variety of price plans announced for the Apple handset.

The plans in T-Mobile's case are all 24-month contracts and range from £30 to £60 (as we told you earlier in the month), with the iPhone 4 16GB version offered for free on the most expensive tariff.

Speaking about the news, Lysa Hardy, vice president of T-Mobile Propositions, said: "Bringing iPhone 4 to our customers in the UK is a fantastic move for T-Mobile.

"With a range of value plans we're making iPhone 4 more accessible to even more customers in the UK."

Three's numbers

When it comes to Three, you will be able to get a free 16GB iPhone 4 on the £45 monthly contract. There are also £30 to £40 per month contracts available.

Obviously the 32GB is also available, but you will have to fork out more on the handset – ranging from £89 and £189.

Check out our extensive iPhone 4 price plan explainer to find out more.

Now that T-Mobile and Three have opened the iPhone 4 floodgates, the circle is now complete for those offering the handset, with the pair joining O2, Vodafone, Orange and Tesco Mobile as networks that are offering the phone in the UK.

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