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Apple goes head-to-head against Samsung with iOS7 gesture control

Apple goes head-to-head with Samsung over new iOS7 gesture-control feature
Choose from your apps with a nod of your head

A nod will be considerably better than a wink for iPhone users, as Apple reveals gesture controls for iOS 7.

The feature allows users to operate their iPhone or iPad by simply moving their head left or right. It's part of Apple's accessibility promise to make its products as accessible as possible for users with disabilities.

Called "Switch Control", users will be able to set head movements to perform different functions, including changing volume, opening Siri, going to the home menu and opening the notification centre.

Chin up

The video below shows the new feature in action. Although it will be helpful to those who have difficulty using the touchscreen, it's clearly quite laborious. The device cycles though each option before the user makes a choice by moving his or her head left to select an app.

Gesture control is in vogue, with Samsung already leading the way with the Galaxy S4's eye-tracking software. Can Apple make headway against the competition?

Via 9 to 5 Mac