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Apple co-founder: Android will dominate phones

Google the dominant one, according to Apple
Google the dominant one, according to Apple

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has given praise to one of the company's biggest rivals, revealing that he believes Android will be as dominant in mobile phones as Windows was/is dominant in the PC market.

In an interview with a Dutch language newspaper (De Telegraph), Wozniak says about Google's Android OS that the operating system of Google "seems to win the race".

And like Windows dominated the PC world, it is the Android platform for phones that offer the same possibilities as computers.

Direction: Apple

He did say, however, that "Apple has the direction, while Android phones have more features."

Wozniak also believed that while Android is dominant, quality and user satisfaction could be better. When it comes to the iPhone, it has few weaknesses and it is leading in quality.

Wozniak is always been known as outspoken, but it is refreshing to hear someone from Apple not downright dismissing the competition.

Given that he also says that Android will soon be as good as iOS4 as an OS, it shows that Apple is taking the rise of Google in the smartphone market very seriously.

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