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Android Pay just caught up to Apple Pay in one major way

You can now use Android pay without leaving other apps
Image Credit: Official Android Blog

Android Pay is adding the ability to make purchases on smartphones without needing to switch apps. Not only will Android users be able to pay with their phone all in one place, but more apps are gaining compatibility with Android's mobile payment platform as well.

In-app mobile payments are a big catch-up move for Android Pay, as competitor Apple Pay implemented in-app purchasing from the get-go.

Android is also touting a growing list of Android Pay-compatible apps, which include services such as Lyft, JackThreads, and Jet. Several of the apps are also hosting limited-time deals and discounts for those who choose the mobile payment service.

Google also announced it plans to expand Android Pay to Australia soon, along with several other countries by the end of 2016.

Android Pay, like other mobile payment platforms, allows users to make purchases with a single tap at participating retailers. Using near-field communications, or NFC, mobile payments wirelessly enable purchases using financial information saved to a smartphone, eliminating the need to carry around credit or debit cards.

Parker Wilhelm
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