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Acer Stream UK release date: 9 August

Acer Stream - laptop giant's latest foray into smartphones
Acer Stream - laptop giant's latest foray into smartphones

The Acer Stream Android smartphone will be exclusive to online retailer Expansys from 9 August, and will cost £399, according to laptop giant.

The Stream is described by Acer as a high-end multimedia smartphone and the device is apparently optimised for watching movies, listening to music and enjoying web browsing.

The phone itself has some impressive specs, including a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 2GB of internal flash storage.

There's a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi n and the OS is Android 2.1 with Acer's own UI tweaks integrated.

Popular applications

"All the most popular applications are pre-installed," explains Acer's release.

"Acer Spinlets free streaming service to browse and listen to songs from major music labels and instantly post what you find to your favorite Social Networking sites, nemo Player to enjoy multimedia content to the fullest, Acer urFooz to create your virtual "look-a-like", add your profile and bookmarks and post it to your social networks, Facebook and Twidroid perfectly integrated in the phone address,"

"Elegant and minimalist in design, Acer Stream is made from highly resistant materials and offers truly outstanding technical features, all in just 11.2 mm, ensuring users a unique, unrepeatable experience," adds Acer.

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