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£1 billion mobile phone hoard in UK

Over £1 billion worth of unused mobile phones are gathering dust in UK drawers and cupboards - with a staggering 53 million old handsets being hoarded.

A T-Mobile survey found that on average the UK's 37 million mobile phone users have 1.39 old phones stored away, worth on average £22.40 per handset. T-Mobile announced the results of its survey as it launched a new mobile phone recycling campaign .

T-Mobile is encouraging all mobile phone users to recycle old handsets by offering recycling bags at T-Mobile stores and putting recycling bags in to new handset boxes. Any network phone customer can use the Freepost recycling service. And T-Mobile is offering individuals or a charity of their choice up to £80 per phone.

Under the T-Mobile scheme, old handsets will be refreshed and resold in emerging markets or broken down and recycled. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of phone upgrading. In the UK, the average mobile user replaces their mobile phone every year, meaning an estimated 15 million phones are replaced annually in the UK alone.