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'OK Google' voice commands go Android-wide with new Search app

"OK Google" voice commands going Android-wide with new Google Search app
Voice commands now available across Android

Google's gradual roll out of voice commands across its range of mobile and web services has continued with an update that makes "OK Google" recognisable across the Android system.

The Google Search 3.5.14 for Android update, allows users to summon the 'hotword' command from anywhere on their phone and tablet, even when the device is locked.

Users can turn on the enhanced hotword detection by heading to Menu > Settings> Voice and toggling the settings.

Early reports claim the new system wide integration, first rumoured in April this year, works well in testing.

Audio History

Also coming to the new Google Search app, which some users are already seeing, is a new Audio History tool to boost voice searches.

The feature learns the sound of your voice and your pronunciation habits in order to yield more accurate search results.

Droid-Life has posted this neat hands-on video showing off the new functionality