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Verizon Vs Vonage spells VoIP trouble

Vonage's V-Phone is one of the company's latest VoIP devices

A lawsuit between communication giant Verizon and newcomer Vonage could have drastic implications for the booming VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) industry. Verizon is suing Vonage over patent infringement relating to Wi-Fi, voice mail and call forwarding, according to Ars Technica .

The judge in the case has allowed all 48 patent infringements brought by Verizon. But Vonage is arguing the patents should never have been filed at all as they're too broad.

"Vonage relies on the intellectual property developed by Verizon in delivering its infringing product and services," states Verizon's complaint.

If Verizon wins and its patents are upheld, it could conceivably seek similar law suits with other VoIP companies in a similar situation to Vonage.