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Pebbles no longer turning into bricks as smartwatch fix rolls out

Hold the phone! Latest smartwatch update is turning Pebbles into bricks
Don't sink your smartwatch

Updated: Good news, everyone - Pebble has now fixed the problem and put a newer, working version (2.1.1) of the update on the iOS App Store. The issue is, according to Pebble, now resolved, but let us know if you continue to experience any nasty bugs.

Original story below...

If you're a Pebble smartwatch owner, step away from the iOS App Store right now – the 2.1 Pebble app update is causing some users' watches to brick.

Like a bad April Fool, a number of Pebble owners have been left with watches that are only able to (prepare yourselves)… tell the time. Bluetooth connectivity is lost and the app just crashes upon opening.

Pebble is aware of the situation and says that it has a fix in the pipeline. It's taken the update from the App Store, but if you do stumble upon it somehow we wouldn't advise taking the risk until the situation has definitely been resolved.

Guess you'll just have to read your texts on your phone like some sort of weirdo. Eurgh.

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