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OSN upgrades services to power the next decade of entertainment

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Following a successful one year of streaming in the region, OSN today revealed that it has undergone a major update to its services. The update adds new algorithms to the system to better deliver premium content to its users across a variety of platforms.

The company adopted a hybrid, modular approach in the development of the new platform, leveraging innovative technology to drive agility and adaptability. New features that were rolled out included multiple profiles for friends and family, a new dedicated kids’ Profile section with parental control and improved search and discovery.

The new distributed approach will allow OSN to add additional features to its platform easily and scale up to any direction the streaming industry moves towards. Peter Riz, CTO, OSN said “We were challenged to deliver and create a futureproof platform that meets the gold standard of viewing experience for our viewers, supported by new features and designs. Today, we have achieved this, in record time, and with no major disruption. We look forward to continuing to develop and innovate the functionalities of our technology as we support our ever-growing base of viewers across the region, staying ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.”

Patrick Tillieux, CEO, OSN hinted at exciting new options in the work including gaming. He also mentioned that he is trying to create the best experience for his users and partners (such as Disney and HBO) as he understands that the best way to move forward is to create a platform where all partners realize the value OSN brings.  He added "We are committed to curate and create the best content that resonates with our audiences and deliver it through the most seamless way, leveraging the latest technology, intuitive interface anywhere and through any connected device.”

OSN's partner of choice to work with the user experience on its new platform is a company called Supercharge based out of Europe. It’s CTO, David Kovacs commented: “In an unprecedented period of 4 months, we successfully build a robust software with entirely from-scratch scalable algorithm, to support OSN’s future expansion plans and vigorous innovations in the pipeline. As designers and developers of the CXB, we look forward to supporting OSN’s promise to deliver the very best viewing experience on any device, anywhere.”

The new app will continue to undergo future improvement for a better user experience. This includes various touch points from content, discoverability, recommendation engines, consumer journeys, modes of payments, the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) and technical integrations. The new updates were rolled out with minimal disruption to users, and will ensure that upcoming features and improvements are just as seamless to implement.

OSN Streaming can be accessed online and via iOS and Android apps. The service costs USD 9.5/- per month and includes a 7-day Free Trial.

Nick Rego
Nick Rego

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