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Oracle’s autonomous database provides an added edge to performance and cost

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Companies are beginning to move business-critical workloads to the cloud. So, it is critical to understand the options that are in the market when it comes to price and performance.

Pat Sullivan, managing director at Accenture, speaking at the Oracle OpenWorld, said the new set of rules for businesses, in the post-digital world, require the use of new powerful technologies to innovate the business models and personalise the experiences for customers and customise product services and even surroundings.

“We are in the middle of the explosion of data. There are two common data sources – consumer and enterprise. The statistics show that we are creating 2.5t bytes of data every day,” he said.

With the growth in data and as data is the new oil, optimisation of data at a lower cost is key.

Accenture has conducted tests looking at Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse compared to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and running Oracle database on a leading cloud provider without naming but it should be Amazon Web Services.

Sullivan said that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides options allowing IT organisations to reduce run costs while improving performance.

New tests from Accenture reinforces that Oracle databases run very well on OCI, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) provides an added edge to performance and cost.

As organisations continue to see their data grow at exponential rates, Sullivan said that there is a continuous need to enhance how it is used, managed, and secured.

“Oracle’s Autonomous Database Warehouse thrives in the post-digital world,” he said.

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With ADW, Sullivan said that Oracle provides options to allow organisations to cut run costs and complexity while improving the performance of workloads in a flexible pricing model.

“Autonomous is certainly price competitive and it is performing and the total cost is lower when compared to other non-Oracle cloud providers,” he said.

The cost per query on AWS is $0.2026 while on OCI is $0.0058 and on ADW is $0.0010 for larger configuration and $0.0022 for smaller configuration.

So, he said that the total cost is 13% less in larger configuration and two-and-a-half times lesser for smaller configuration compared to the rival.

Apart from the speed, ease of use and value for money, Sullivan said that ability to effectively secure data in the public cloud is important.

Moreover, he said that the average cost of a data breach in 2019 is about $3.9m.

However, he said that many organisations can take weeks or even months to apply critical security patches to their most sensitive and business-critical applications. The longer vulnerability is left unresolved, he said the more likely and susceptible an organisation becomes to a security breach.

“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse allows organisations to address threats automatically and in real-time, with no downtime. Trust and responsibility are key things when dealing with a vast amount of data.