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Oracle is the right place for cloud to meet all the demands of enterprises

Andrew Sutherland, Senior Vice-President for Business Development - Technology License and Systems EMEA and APAC at Oracle
(Image credit: Future)

Oracle is witnessing a huge demand from enterprises for moving its existing business apps to the cloud and for its autonomous database capabilities.

An autonomous database is a cloud database that eliminates complexity, human error and manual management associated with database tuning, security, backups and updates; tasks traditionally performed by the database administrators (DBAs).

Speaking at the Oracle OpenWorld Middle East: Dubai 2020, Andrew Sutherland, Senior Vice-President for Business Development - Technology License and Systems EMEA and APAC at Oracle, said that the place for cloud is Oracle and the place to be if you are a user, learning about cloud technologies, developer and cloud designer.

“We are not the first in the cloud but we have the second-mover advantage. We have overtaken AWS and others for educating the market to an extent and building demand from enterprises. We now have an enterprise-capable cloud that the demand is waiting,” he said.

“Our cloud infrastructure moves and improves the apps on to the cloud rather than the usual lift and shift.”

The US software giant is set to open regional data centres - two in the UAE, two in Saudi Arabia and one in South Africa - by the end of the year.

With the opening of generation two cloud data centres in the UAE, he said that organisations are going to have much better performance and faster response for their employees at a much lesser cost. 

Moreover, he said that Oracle is the only cloud provider designed from scratch to be used by big businesses that focus on security.

Ashish Mohindroo, Vice-President for Product Marketing (PaaS) at Oracle, said that Oracle built the cloud from the ground up and that is not happening with other cloud providers.

“With Oracle, we have made sure that breaches don’t happen and even if the hackers get their hands on it, they cannot do anything with the data as it is encrypted. We have seen data breaches from other cloud providers of massive scales,” he said.

Capital One announced a data breach last year that has exposed personal information such as transaction data, credit scores, payment history, balances, and for some linked bank accounts, social security numbers of 106 million people across the US and Canada.

“When we built our second-generation core cloud infrastructure, it was based on four main principles – performance, security, openness (interoperable with other cloud providers) and autonomous capabilities. The autonomous capabilities are very unique to only Oracle,” he said.

“Our database is 10x faster than our nearest competitor in the market with lesser resources and at a lower cost and we are much faster in the cloud than on on-premises. People can run any kind of technologies on Oracle platform,” he said.

If you look at other cloud providers, Sutherland said that everybody has compute, storage and networking at the end of the day but Oracle has built compute, storage, database, networking and services a little bit differently in a bid to tune to our customers.