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Oracle aims to outpace change and stay ahead of competiton with digital assistant

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Oracle is trying to differentiate itself from other cloud providers and stay ahead of the game by helping enterprises to communicate with their applications using digital assistant in a bid to drive desired actions and outcomes using conversational AI.

“We have come to a point where people are still not happy with the kind of interfaces they have. Millennials prefer to use WhatsApp and SMS over email and they get an immediate response. People use WhatsApp because they can use natural language,” Suhas Uliyar, vice-president for AI and Digital Assistant at Oracle, told TechRadar Middle East.

“We have come to a culture where we want an instantaneous response and don’t want to be waiting. Every time we go to a customer, they complain about the user interface (UI). The best interface is having no interface. No interface means you talk to it. You can speak to your data. Our core UI is based on two things – search or ask. You search for the data or ask for the data and that is the future,” he said.

Moreover, he said that digital assistant hides the complexity of UI and hides the complexity of data in multiple systems and enterprises are demanding an AI-powered voice assistant that understands their specific vocabulary and enables naturally expressive interactions for its users.

"Most of all though, enterprises value a highly secure AI-powered voice assistant that stores their business' sensitive data in Oracle's second-generation cloud infrastructure," he said.

Understanding the business language

Uliyar added that Oracle has been in the market for 18 months with the digital assistant and has multiple customers across the world and in the Middle East.

Oracle has over 350 customers using its digital assistant, including 20 from the Middle East.

From a platform perspective, he said that Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM have it and there is a lot of differentiation.

“Oracle is the only company that has the breadth and depth of all apps. We have 40 years of data and data is the fuel for AI. Oracle is the only company that has enterprise data. Amazon has e-commerce data while Goggle has search data. What is all the data about, it is the consumer stuff,” he said.

“What we have is understanding the business language where we can translate that into automated models while others can’t,” he said.

Oracle is providing enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and HR systems with digital assailant out of the box and the platform is open to developers and customers and supports all major languages.

Naushad K. Cherrayil