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Oppo will be releasing Reno in the UAE following launch in China

Oppo is all set to announce its new product series Reno on April 10 in China and the next stop for the phone manufacturer is going to be the UAE on April 16.

Oppo is hoping that the Reno brand will appeal to young customers by delivering a premium experience. We don't have much details on the first Reno handset but it's largely expected that Oppo will use it as its first phone to with 10x zoom technology that the company showcased at MWC Barcelona earlier this year.

The phone is also expected to be powered by Oppo's Color OS6 which was made official a few days earlier. 

Reno could come in multiple models and configurations with chipsets ranging from mid-end to high-end as well as with different number of cameras on the back based on the model you get- rumors suggest upto five different models which could be the ‘Pro’, ‘Plus,’ ‘Lite’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘Youth’.

Choosing UAE as the first international market shows the commitment Oppo has towards the Middle East region. This past spring, Oppo began operations in Saudi Arabia and then opened its second regional hub for the Middle East within the UAE.

Ahead of launch, OPPO has partnered with artists around the world to share Reno’s potential. A series of colorful artworks have now been released and provide a sneak peek into Reno’s key features.

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