OnePlus 7T launch event confirmed for September 26

OnePlus 7
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If you liked the look of the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro but didn't grab them, you may want to wait, because OnePlus has just announced when it's set to show off the upgraded version of both smartphones.

OnePlus has confirmed through its website (opens in new tab) it will show off its next flagship phone - expected to be the OnePlus 7T series- on September 26. 

That seems to be a launch for those in India and the US, but other markets will have to wait two weeks extra to see it. According to the OnePlus website, the 7T will be announced for those in the UK on October 10.

These dates are all for the unveiling of the products, and we're not sure when the actual release date will be, but it likely won't be much later – it could even be on the day.

We've heard a few leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming phones, and all accounts suggest they'll be pretty similar to the non-T variants in terms of design, but with a few spec boosts.

That's generally how OnePlus T phones work – they're small increases on the non-T phones, without huge redesigns.

As part of the announcement of the launch date, the website mentions a 90Hz refresh rate, which the OnePlus 7 Pro had but the base OnePlus 7 didn't. That may mean we're set to see it in all 7T phones.

We'll know more about the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro come September 26, and TechRadar will be reporting live on all the news, so stay tuned to find out all about the new handsets.

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