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One of the iPhone 11's key features will soon come to Samsung Galaxy phones

iPhone 11
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When the iPhone 11 launched, one of its touted features was 'Slofies', or slow-motion selfies shot using the front-facing camera. Many thought this was a weird gimmick, but it seems Samsung Galaxy phones will soon have the feature too.

This news comes from the beta for One UI 2, the newest Samsung smartphone interface, as spotted by Sam Mobile. One UI is typically laid over Android on Galaxy phones, and One UI 2 is the newest version, built for Android 10. It's being beta tested at the moment for select phones, and there's an important feature present.

This feature is, as you probably guessed, a Slofie option for the front-facing camera. It lets you shake your hair, laugh, or do whatever else you like, and see it in slow motion.

The latest Samsung Galaxy flagships currently have a Super Slow Motion mode for the rear cameras, which takes videos at 960fps. The Slofie option reportedly doesn't take videos this slow, but it still fits in more frames than a standard speed video.

Slofies to the future

The Samsung Galaxy Slofie option is only available to select users right now, as the One UI 2 beta hasn't rolled out for many people yet, but we'd expect it to leave beta and enter final release in the coming months.

This means future Samsung phones like the Galaxy S11 and Note 11 could come with a built-in Slofie feature, letting you take wild video selfies.

We've heard indication that Samsung could borrow another feature from the iPhone 11 too, in the form of its powerful post-processing camera feature.

As two of the most popular phone manufacturers around, it makes sense that the companies will borrow ideas from each other to remain competitive – although both might find that, if they look to Chinese companies, they may find more innovative and useful ideas to borrow.

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