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Official LG V40 ThinQ teaser confirms the phone has five cameras

While LG isn’t announcing the LG V40 ThinQ until October 4, it has just revealed a lot of details about the phone in a teaser video, including more or less confirming that it has five cameras.

The teaser was posted on LG’s South Korean website and shows the phone from a number of angles, highlighting three cameras on the back with a fingerprint scanner below.

We don’t get a good look at the front of the phone, but the video is very focused on the number five, so it’s a safe bet that there are also two lenses on the front, as has been rumored.

Silky soft with a 6.4-inch screen

The video also mentions that the back of the phone has a soft, silky finish, yet as the text accompanying it explains it’s still made of glass, with a metal frame.

The text also reveals that the LG V40 ThinQ has a 6.4-inch screen, and comes in New Platinum Gray, Carmine Red (which is what we see in the video) and Moroccan Blue colors.

That’s a lot to reveal ahead of launch, but some things, such as the actual specs of the phone, are yet to be revealed. Let’s see if LG can resist spilling the beans until October 4.

Via Pocket Now

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