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Buffalo HD LinkTheater to debut in Q3

The newer LinkTheaters don't have DVD drives

A high definition version of Buffalo 's LinkTheater media streaming device will debut "around September time". That's according to representatives from the company that met with today.

The new box will stream full HD with all formats supported, and will feature HDMI as well as 802.11n-specified wireless. Unlike the previous LinkTheater, there will be no DVD drive. Netgear and D-Link have also recently announced HD streaming kit, while the recently-introduced Apple TV (opens in new tab) can handle 720p.

Product specialist Craig Reid popped into the offices to give us a run down of the company's new kit. The new range includes another streaming device, the LinkTheater A &G - a £140 compact box which eschews HD and is designed for use with a secondary TV. It's Intel Viiv and Digital Living Network Alliance ( DLNA ) certified.

Reid said the reason for missing out the DVD drive with the newer LinkTheaters was a no-brainer; every time the company shipped an old-style LinkTheater, Buffalo had to pay a license fee to the creator of the DVD encryption patent in addition to the one paid by the drive's manufacturer.

Buffalo also showed us its DLNA-certified LinkStation Live home server, featuring Gigabit Ethernet and full compatibility with iTunes 7. The device runs a 400Mhz Marvell CPU.


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