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Wireless USB finally arrives on the desktop

Y-E Data's WUSB hub isn't officially certified, but it still does the job.

If you've never come across WUSB , then you'd better get used to hearing all about Wireless USB, as the first products using the cable-free USB technology are starting to appear about now.

Several months after being announced, Y-E Data 's YD-300 WUSB hub is finally on sale in Japan for ¥39,800 (£173). If that seems like a lot for a four-port USB hub, that's because it is.

Look, no cables

Also, it's not technically complaint with 'official' WUSB, so Y-E Data has to call it an Ultra-Wideband Wireless Hub (UWB), but that won't stop Japan's computer nerds lapping it up.

The technology promises wireless USB transfers between anything connected to the hub and a dongle that plugs into a PC over up to 10m. Speeds are similar to those from regular, wired USB 2.0 connections (480Mbit/s), so the attraction is in clearing up a little cable clutter. That and being first on the block to use yet another new wireless technology of course.