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Mozilla resumes Firefox 66 rollout with PowerPoint fix

Image credit: Mozilla

If you were dismayed by last week’s news that Mozilla had halted the release of Firefox 66 due to an issue with PowerPoint Online, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Mozilla has apparently fixed the issue, and is now rolling out Firefox 66.02.

The initial release was paused after users reported that they could not save text that was typed into PowerPoint online, and it was discovered that the issue also affected Apple iCloud and IBM WebMail.

It was enough of an issue for Mozilla to pause the rollout while it found a fix, which it has now added to Firefox 66.02.

Quick fix

According to Mozilla's bug tracker, the Bug 1538966 is caused by "known sites fallout from mirroring charCode and keyCode values (1479964) in 66".

With the issue now addressed, Firefox users will see the update soon. You can also manually download Firefox 66.02 if you can’t wait.

Via BleepingComputer

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