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Motorola Edge 2 release date could be sooner than expected

Motorola Edge
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We've been hoping for a Motorola Edge successor for a while, and while we thought that it'd be called the Motorola Edge 2 (that being how numbers work), it might actually be the Edge 20 series. And we might be seeing these new phones very soon.

Popular leaker Evan Blass has provided some information on the new phones' names and release dates, in response to a previous leak provided in late June detailing the specs of these upcoming phones.

Apparently, there will be four new phones - the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 Lite, Edge 20, and a different version of the Edge 20 with a bigger screen and battery, but worse cameras, that'll release in the US.

Blass states that these phones will launch at the end of July which, at the time of writing, is about three weeks away. So if you were looking forward to these new Motorola phones, you might not have to wait much longer at all.

Never late, nor early

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Some rumors in early 2021 suggested the second-gen Motorola Edge family would launch around March or April. This confusion stemmed from the release of the Motorola Edge S in China, which came out in April as the Moto G100 elsewhere - Motorola explained that the Edge S wasn't part of the second-gen Edge line at the time, but it's easy to understand the confusion anyway.

If the Motorola Edge 2 - sorry, Edge 20 - line came out in late July, it'd only be about a month later in the year than its predecessor, and given the number of delays and cancellations of phones we've seen in 2021, that's far from surprising.

The naming changes are odd, with Motorola leaping up to 20 instead of 2, but no one's ever accused Motorola of having sensible naming conventions before. A smaller point to note is that Blass calls the top-end model the Edge 20 Pro, whereas in 2020 the premium handset was the Edge Plus.

So the naming is all a bit weird, but that's business as normal for Motorola, so we're used to it at this point. When we hear more about the Edge 2 or Edge 20 series, whether Blass is right and we see it soon, or not, we'll bring you all the information you need to know here on TechRadar.

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