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Vodafone adds new handsets to its range

BlackBerry Bold 9780 - now on Vodafone
BlackBerry Bold 9780 - now on Vodafone

Vodafone UK has announced the addition of several new handsets to its range - including the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Vodafone is keen to bolster its range ahead of the Christmas period - and to that end has brought in new phones for people to choose from.

"With Christmas fast approaching, Vodafone UK has added a variety of new handsets to its range, giving customers a great choice of devices free from as little as £10 per month on the UK's best network," states Vodafone.

"The devices join the recently launched HTC Desire HD, Nokia N8, HTC 7 Trophy, BlackBerry Torch and a host of other fantastic handsets in Vodafone's range, all of which are available to buy now."

New additions

The new additions start with the BlackBerry Bold 9780 – with the BlackBerry 6 OS – which is available at no extra cost on a 2-year £25 a month contract

Then there is the Motorola Defy with Android – again available on a £25 month contract for 24 months for no handset fee.

A second Android phone - the Samsung Galaxy Europa – can be yours for no added cost if you sign up for a £20 24-month contract and the Nokia C3 is also available, this time on £10 a month two-year contracts.

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