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Rubin: 300,000 Android activations every day

Android - selling like hot cakes
Android - selling like hot cakes

Andy Rubin has revealed that there are now a whopping 300,000 Android activations a day.

The Android chief tweeted the news out of the landmark figure, further underlining the growing power of the mobile OS, which is beginning to have a real impact in not just phones but also the wealth of tablets that are arriving on the market.

Of course, when Rubin announced that Android was getting 200,000 activations every day, Apple's Steve Jobs took exception to the figure.


Jobs made a number of disparaging remarks about the way in which the total had been arrived at and insisted that Apple's iOS was more successful.

Regardless, that Android will (or already has) surpassed iOS seems inevitable given the sheer number of handsets that are being produced with the Google-powered operating system.

The likes of Samsung's Galaxy S, the HTC Desire HD and, of course, the just-announced Google Nexus S, are providing real competition for the Apple iPhone, with iOS present in only Apple-made devices.

Rubin recently stated that Android is making money for Google, despite being offered to manufacturers for no cost due to the advertising revenue generated.

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