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Dungeon Defenders brings Unreal Engine to Android

Dungeon Defenders - coming to Android
Dungeon Defenders - coming to Android

The Unreal Engine used by Infinity Blade for the iPhone is coming to Android phones and tablets – with Dungeon Defenders: First Wave the first game to take advantage of the technology arriving on 23 December.

Infinity Blade, for those of you who haven't noticed the Apple adverts that have popped up all over the media, is the game being used to show off the power of the iPhone.

The game uses the much-loved Unreal engine, and Dungeon Defenders: First Wave will bring the same technology when it arrives just ahead of Christmas.

Capable handets

To run the game, you will need a handset that has at least 512MB of memory, a GPU capable of OpenGL ES 2.0, a 800Mhz processor and running Android 2.1 (Éclair) or upwards.

So for people with the new Nexus S, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy S and their ilk, you can soon be looking forward to Unreal-powered games.

And that line between mobile casual gaming and traditional gaming grows that little bit thinner.

Patrick Goss

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