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Toshiba shows off portable USB monitor

Toshiba shows off portable USB monitor
Toshiba's monitor

Toshiba has announced a new travel monitor designed to be used as a second screen with your laptop when you are on the move.

The Toshiba USB LCD Monitor is a 14 inch 1366x768 panel, which runs from a USB and needs no extra power leads.

"At just one inch thick, the USB Mobile LCD Monitor has been engineered to be highly portable," explains Tosh.


"Its compact design ensures it will fit comfortably into most laptop bags, while a weight of just 795g ensures it is light enough to carry around," the release continues.

One inch is obviously significantly thicker than most tablets, and quite a few laptops as well, but there is clearly a market for a second screen.

The UK price for the monitor is around £150, and that includes a bundled 'hybrid' case that doubles up as a stand.

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