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Tesco glitch offers £50 price for new iPad

Tesco glitch offer £50 new iPad
New iPad 3rd generation UK release date on Friday

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A pricing glitch on Tesco's website left thousands of customers thinking they had bagged a new iPad for £49.99, although it seems unlikely that the shopping giant will be honouring any sales.

The price became big news on social networks as people flocked to bag the new iPad for a massive discount, but Tesco has put the £50 pricing down as an IT error.

"We always look to offer our customers unbeatable value but unfortunately this is an IT error that is now being corrected," a spokesperson for the shopping giant was quoted as saying.

Common mistake

Pricing errors are a relatively common phenomenon online, with one of the more high profile recent mistakes seeing M&S offering TVs at a fraction of their true price.

On this occasion M&S performed a U-Turn on their original stance of blocking the transactions and allowed people to get their bargain 3D TV.

Of course, those that managed to snap up a bargain new iPad will be keeping their fingers crossed that Tesco will do the same.

And if they decide not to then the supermarket will probably be facing up to some real life Angry Birds.

The new iPad UK release date is Friday.

Via The Sun

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